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Embrace your femininity with exercise.

Do you find that a lot of exercise classes are boot-camp, HIIT, hardcore in style classes? These classes while fantastic are also all about the sweat, feel the burn and even sometimes dare I say it designed more around men than women.

I am not someone who likes to sweat, it's not because of the old saying "it's not ladylike to sweat" but it's more a personal thing that sweating for me turns me into that red faced, flustered individual. I am more about finding exercises that are more holistic to me and my body. The discovery of Ballet Be Fit was this for me.

The Ballet Be Fit exercise method is low impact and when I say this I mean it against the joints but I can testify that you certainly do work the body, as one of my clients mentions "in a sneaky way". I think what she means by this that you feel in the beginning of the routine this exercise is okay for me, in fact I am actually enjoying this by the end of it you realise that you have completed and all over workout.

The areas that Ballet Be Fit method works into are as follows:

- Grace & Poise

The Ballet Be Fit method shows you how to hold yourself with elegance and self confidence, builds your core strength to allow you to feel more graceful in your stance and continued exercise.

- Tone & Strength

The exercise will target muscles that build a strong, toned and lean body.

- Flexibility

The exercise provides a range of motion in the muscles and joints, which aids proper alignment and flexibility.

- Body Control

With this method of exercise you work on speed, balance, power, reaction time, agility, fluidity and coordination of movements.

- Vitality

With the Ballet Be Fit method there is a look to holistic treatment to the body and mental wellness. The classes are positive and fun.

The enjoyment that I get in delivering a Ballet Be Fit class is so rewarding you see people build and grow in confidence. Age just becomes a number as we all work to the same goals of bringing that all round wellness to our bodies. My favourite part is I feel feminine while doing a Ballet Be Fit session as I elongate my muscles and lengthen my body to be toned, strengthened and flexible.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy then check out my online sessions and contact us on how to book in, I promise you that you will enjoy it. Best of you don't need any dance experience, any fancy equipment, just a chair and comfy clothing to move in and a mat to do some of the floor exercises on and most important a positive and open mind.


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