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Low Impact Ballet Inspired Exercise

Ballet Be Fit is a low impact ballet inspired exercise, which strengthens the body. Provide grace and poise to the posture so that you can carry yourself better. It also builds flexibility in the body building range of motion in the body and tones the body without you even realising. 

In a Ballet Be Fit class you work on body control, speed, agility to create fluid motions and vitality to promote a positive approach to life and your mental health. 

I am qualified in further elements of this method of fitness I look forward to bring it to people of an older generation to increase the flexibility and stamina so maybe a Third Age Action would like to bring it into their group as I am qualified in the Ballet Be Fit "Feel Young" method which brings this mentality to this generation, not that I believe they need any help. 

Also I am qualified in the "Confidance" method in the Ballet Be Fit, which works with our younger generation on building their confidence through dance fitness there are so many options for people to explore. 

Exercise to dance can be one of the most fun ways to energise the body and with this low impact your are not pounding it in any way either. 

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