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Your Mood is Contagious - Make it Positive

Do you ever notice that when you feel happy and in a sunny mood, that if you surround yourself with people of a similar mindset you can have the most wonderful day ever. Those earth moving belly laughs that can make your abs hurt, a work out on their own.

I love being around positive people they make me feel happier, more creative and bring out the best in me. When I was planning on opening my first business I was told to surround myself with like minded people, something I never really understood until I heard the first really negative comment about why I would want to work for myself.

When you take a path that is different to the norm, or what people consider the norm, there will always be people to question it, maybe even put you down. Surrounding yourself with those who have a similar mindset can only build you up so similarly to your mood take the time and choose wisely and keep the positive energy flowing.

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