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I am on a new pathway

This week has been a huge week of reflection for me, I have been looking inward and really searching as to what I want from life today and into the future. I have looked back but only to reflect on how far I have come already, you sometimes have to look back to move forward but not stay stuck in the past.

In looking back I discovered that I have come so far, from my years in financial services where stress was a major part of my life, loosing my hair and really not aligned with that space. I took time to study at night while working 12 to 14 hour days and completed my Diploma in Interior Design. I wanted to step out of the financial services world and I felt that interiors was a way out. I stepped into that industry for a few years where in 2008 which was the beginning of the decline of that industry so of course financial services was an easy draw back in. I had bills to pay and I knew it paid well but I also realised quickly going back to this was not for me.

I boldly took a step into my own business, it was in fashion and I loved classic clothing with a twist, something that was NOT ON TREND but that you knew when you bought the piece that you could have it for a long time to come. My mother had always instilled in me from a child that quality clothing will always stand the test of time and this continued into the ethos in my store. The timing was not right due to the decline in the economy but I played my best while there, I became an accountant, a PR Person, marketing, stylist, cleaner and so much more so it is something I will never regret doing it, as it has taught me not to stay stuck.

After closing the store I did go back to finance in order to pay bills etc. but yet again it proved the point "Never Go Back" always keep moving forward. During this period I trained as an Aerial Yoga Instructor and then further down the line started going much deeper into the world of Yoga. I started my Yoga teacher training with Vitality School of Yoga and really deepened my knowledge about yoga and to realise that yoga is not just pretty poses that you see on Instagram it is so much than that. It is the journey to thy self.

I have continued to work part-time in order to fund my continued yoga training and now as a 500 RYT yoga instructor I know I have so much to give in the Health & Wellness industry. During the pandemic I qualified as a Holistic Wellness coach and also developed my fitness level qualifying as a Ballet Be Fit instructor, which I love as it is a low impact full body workout. My journey into yoga was my journey to balance the Body Mind and Spirit.

Most recently I have taken on a whole food product that has helped me so much with my own energy levels as it is bridging the gap in my nutrition. Everyone needs more Fruit Vegetables and Berries in their diet and not only more of them but the variety of them, this is why I love this product so much as it aligns with me and my ethos of improving the lives of the people I come in contact with.

This week I was focusing how I can be of service and how can I help people further, I have set up a Facebook group for meditation "Calm Collective" and my main reason for this is I hear regularly that I don't know how to meditate, I cannot be still for five minutes, my mind is too active. By sharing this group I know I can help people find a space to destress or unwind or even just get ready for sleep / rest.

What has your journey to today look like? Are you in a space of reflection? What is showing up for you? What do you need to eliminate from your current situations?

Should you like to share I would love to hear your answers to the above questions. I am forever grateful for my road to yoga as it has helped empower me into things I never thought possible.

If you would like to find more on the products I am taking you can check in with them here.

To connect with the Facebook page click here.

To find out anything about any of my classes check out this page.


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