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Yoga Mat - Why should I have my own??

Having your own mat is one of the best investments that you can make for yourself and your practice. The mat can be seen as a sacred place for you and your body. It is a space that we come to in order to surrender the day and can instantly provide the platform for relaxation.

As you develop your practice the mat becomes more and more your special place, even at the end of the day just rolling out the mat and standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) can bring a certain amount of grounding. It is that positive energy that feeds from the mat, which gives a commitment to yourself.

Giving the current climate it is more important than every to have your own yoga mat. We move, we sweat and so much more on our yoga mat and when we come to child's pose, where the forehead comes to the floor, that you are connecting with you and not anyone else. You can always purchase a mat cleaner or some mats you are able to wash in the machine.

Having your own mat also means that it is always with you, so no matter where you are, in a hotel room, beach or a forest you can pull out your mat and be inspired to flow.

Some of our recommendations are:


Manduka mats quality and performance are still unmatched in the marketplace. Their mats are crafted using simple, enduring, natural and where possible renewable materials. This is a company built by and for yoga both teachers and student.

Yoga Design Lab

For the eco-conscious amongst us the cork mat from Yoga Design Lab is certainly worth looking at, it is 100% renewable and recyclable. Cork is also anti-microbial, moisture-activated and durable with natural anti-slip solution.


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