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Stepping out in Nature

What are the things that you do for your mental health? for me it is good friends, a few belly laughs and stepping out in nature. Last weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing all of this, a day that went too quick but one that I had so much fun in.

A few friends and I had decided to go for an "Alpaca Treck", something that we had booked some time back but due to Covid-19 we could not get out and do but at long last Saturday came, the day was good and the company better.

Starting out day off with pancakes... well why not! Then heading to Cornstown House for our alpaca treck. I have been in love with these animals for some time now and what an adventure we had. Getting to meet the alpaca's my day would have been made but it got even better we got to walk them around this beautiful farm's property. Dominic (The Farmer) introduced us to all the various steps of wildlife they are aiming to re-introduce to the farm through the various planting they are doing.

My alpaca, Brendan, was not too keen on hugs but he certainly loved his regular stops and gentle munch on the clover. Each one had their own personalities, as Brendan was coming back into the housed unit he realised that there was not going to be any more clover so had a little sit down in protest, or maybe that was more to do with the sneaky hugs I kept adding during our walk, but he was my best friend while I was giving him some feed.

As we got back into the housed units the goats of course wanted in on the action and were none too quiet while Farmer Dominic was going through the various processes on the farm. But don't worry they were not left out of the action we got an opportunity to feed them too.

Even met a baby alpaca Aine, then after all that we set down to tea while we got to see some of the produce from alpaca wool. So of course the day was not over for us we had to go and get an extra cuppa and cake to finish off the day with some more laughs.

I always recommend spending time with people who can make you belly laugh, and some time in nature it keeps you grounded.

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