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How Yoga Can Reduce Anxiety and Depression, Improve Your Sleep, and Boost Your Self-Esteem.

Yoga gives us an abundant of mental benefits, let's explore just a few. Yoga reduces anxiety and depression, through meditation and breathing techniques, yoga helps you find better concentration.

A greater awareness of the present moment is achieved, and this sharpens our ability to focus and manage stress. The practice reduces muscle tension as well as mental tension, which, as you know, are connected.

But we don't stop there. Yoga also gives awareness and clarity. A clear and aware mind making us more capable of learning and storing new information.

Yoga helps those suffering from insomnia, scientific studies have shown that 20 minutes of yoga a day can improve our sleep. The relaxation generated by Yoga and its techniques allows us to fall asleep much faster. It helps you manage your emotions and with a constant practice of Yoga one becomes more and more aware of "oneself". We then learn to look at emotions with the so-called "yogic detachment". As well as the ability to observe and accept them without being overwhelmed.

Too often we suffer from the events and people around us. Thanks to the awareness that is acquired through yoga, it is possible to observe these phenomena with the right emotional distance. It, therefore, becomes easier to make clearer decisions and less conditioned by our emotions. So more about an action rather than a re-action. With our new sense of self and clearer mind we build our confidence and self-esteem, so you can see the benefits from a consistent yoga practice.

We have an abundant of yoga offerings for you to choose from so that you can start a practice of yoga, pop onto our class schedule page to see what you can choose from and just start. Starting is the most difficult part of the practice.


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