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Get Fit Using Dance

We all know exercise is good for us but that doesn’t mean we all like to do it.

Even the most enthusiastic of us have days when going to the gym to workout seems almost impossible.

Sometimes the couch and a takeaway is more inviting than a workout, maybe we have had a long day at work, or we are just bored with our workout routines but before you grab that remote and your favourite pizza, why not change up your workout routine by dancing instead?

Dancing is a very effective fat and calorie burning workout that can also tone and build your muscles all while having fun and listening to your favourite music.

Just take a look at professional dancers and anyone who attends ballet classes and you will see that they are fit, strong and toned. Ballet Be Fit is a perfect class to enjoy for all these benefits.

The Benefits of Dance Fitness

There are many health benefits of ballet classes and dance fitness that make it a workout to consider any time you get bored of your current workout.

Improves Balance – dancing improves your coordination and balance while improving your posture as well. You will become more stabilised through dance and build a stronger body at the same time.

Reduces Stress – dance is an effective emotional and physical stress reducer and it can help improve your memory and prevent dementia.

Improves Mood – you can’t dance and be in a bad mood. Whether you are sad, depressed or just grumpy, dancing will put you in a better mood and make your more pleasant to be around.

Increases Flexibility – dance fitness causes you to use many muscles that you wouldn’t typically use. This can increase flexibility, lessen stiffness and reduce joint pain.

Interested in joining any of our Ballet Be Fit classes and gaining these benefits then enquire with us.


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