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Becoming a Mentor

Earlier this year I was asked to become a mentor on VTSOY Teacher Training, I felt so honoured to be asked but also felt like refusing and running away like a scared child. But my own teacher training gave me the tools to accept and worry about it at a later stage.

I certainly did not want to mess up as I knew I was there for other students ... it was no longer about me. So I brushed the self doubt to one side and moved forward. That first day I was being introduced to the eager, yet nervous, students I began to remember how I felt on that first day of my own training: was I good enough, did I know anything about yoga, could I teach really teach from a place of knowledge, who am I to be on this training. So I just put myself in their shoes and really remembered all the fears that I just mentioned but also all the excitement of what lay ahead and how much I was about to learn.

It is true what they say "everyday is a school day" because even though I had been through this 200 hour teacher training before I was learning from these wonderful new students. We are always learning, even though I was sharing with them my experiences and fears it was wonderful to see them open up and develop.

Now that the training has ended, I can see how much I have learned through this experience and I really wanted to thank Tara from Vitality Traditional School of Yoga for inviting me to be a mentor to explore this new journey with her wonderful students. Also I would like to thank those student who made it so easy to be a part of their journey. I look forward to seeing their classes coming to you all soon.

If you are interested in taking a yoga journey I can highly recommend this training with Tara, having been on it as a student and now as a mentor I cannot express my gratitude enough.

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