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Set yourself a challenge

Are there times when you decide I am going to set myself a challenge something and you find after day two you are beginning to falter. Well I am glad I am not the only one!!

This had given me the idea for a Facebook Group that you can motivate each other and support one another on various challenges. I started the first challenge off with Meditation, a 30 day practice. People have mentioned to me over the years, I wish I could meditate, I cannot sit still long enough to meditate. I have been one of those people, for others meditation practice seems to come so easy but I guess that is the point, practice.

I know I have mentioned in previous blogs the benefits of meditation and I will just list a few again and see if any of them resonate with you:

- Reduces Stress

- Aids in sleep especially if practiced before bed.

- Can aid in lowering blood pressure

- Improves brain concentration

- Provides a sense of calm and balance

If any of these resonate with you and you think you would like to begin a meditation practice then just e-mail here for my free booklet on meditation and practice, or if you would like to join the Facebook Group to start the meditation challenge, it's never too late, and sign up for other mini challenges being added to the group then click on this link (5) Lila Fitness - Restore and Grow | Facebook


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