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Yoga is for everyone!

We just need to find the right style of yoga and instructor to suit you, believe me this does not happen on the first go because if it did I would not be an instructor let alone enjoy yoga.

I want to emphasize the phrase "right style and instructor" because Yoga is an experience through you it is not just an exercise. And being yourself in constant flux, it is normal for the practice to change and keep up with you as well.

There is no need to feel guilty so if at some point in your life you feel you want to change a certain style that you have always practiced. So maybe at one point you really enjoyed a very upbeat style of yoga and now you need something more restorative.

The same thing goes for the instructor: there are times when one instructor will resonate more, at other times another. It is perfectly normal and right that this is the case, one should not remain attached to a single teacher or a single style for life.

Yoga always puts you to the test, which is why inner listening is so important.

We just need to be able to choose and assimilate what we need to make it ours and continue on our path.

Online or live lessons?

If you can't find a suitable course in your local area or you can experience the practice through online lessons. Again, I recommend a course that is as basic as possible for beginners if you are just starting out.

"But isn't the live lesson better than a video?"

Yoga classes online

The face-to-face lesson is important because the instructor can correct you, but from the point of view of building a habit it is also very useful to practice at home through video lessons, however a lot of live in class setting instructors will not physically place their hands on you to correct you so listen to the words of instruction weather you are in classroom setting or online and begin to feel your body.

Try to live your yoga practice as a journey to take one step at the time, one breath at the time and you will fully immerse into an amazing explorative experience into the self, mind body and soul.


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