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Why Meditate?

Many of us have this vision of what meditation should look like, a flexible cross legged person in a perfect seated position eyes closed who can sit like this for hours. We feel if we cannot achieve this then we are not meditating. Not True.

Meditation comes in all formats and it certainly is not the same for everyone. If you are new to meditation I would certainly recommend guided meditation but I hear you ask why should I meditate at all?

Meditation is a fantastic tool to use for reducing stress and much like any practice the more you do the better you become. As we take time to pause and focus just on the breath we are instantly reducing stress levels. Focusing on the breath can reduce blood pressure, which in turn reduces stress levels.

As we take time to pause and reflect it allows the mind to clear from what is known as "monkey mind" the constant chatter of the internal mind. Meditation helps to reduce this noise and clears pathways for creativity.

Meditation aids sleep by calming the body, you are lowering the blood pressure and easing the energy levels. With this calmness you are preparing the body for rest.

Whatever format you take and for however long you can manage it meditation is so beneficial not only to the physical body but for your mental health.

Personally I love guided meditations, they can offer you a vision process that allows you to focus. Depending on the guide it can be extremely powerful and you can even solve some of the problems that you may have been sitting with, remember that this is your internal power that you are working through.

Hence why I say meditation can be powerful. Find one that works for you, practice and see what benefits you discover.

Every Monday @Lilafitnessire do a guided meditation practice, so if you think you would like to join just pop over to Instagram page for more details on our #meditationmondays


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