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"The Happiness Project" - Gretchen Rubin

Earlier this year I decided that it was my mission to read more books and this book came into my reading list, I think it was through a webinar I watched with Louise Hay and Gretchen was speaking and I was just intrigued and added to my shopping cart and when the postman came with my new bundle of books there it was.

Now I wanted to explore more of my yoga books and delve further into my self study so this book ended up being one that I was reading along side of them and one that I picked up almost every night and read maybe two to three pages at a time. I loved that it was broken down into a month by month chapter and I really enjoyed the resolutions that Gretchen was putting into play for her "Happiness Project". My most loved of all was just the easiest to say but I often think in today society can be the hardiest to do.... "Be More Gretchen" ....

First of all you have to decide who you are as a person and who you want to be then continue to live that every day and stay true to yourself. With a world filled with filters this can be a difficult task but I loved the fact that at times there was that forget and then there was the reminder to herself... just to be herself.

If you ask me what was the one thing I took from the book well this was it. Just be yourself, be true to yourself, faults and all. Keep reminding yourself who you are and who you want to be and stop pretending in a world full of filters let your truth shine true.

Books can broaden your mind and your experiences, I certainly recommend reading more books. Feed the mind you feed the soul.

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