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That Friday Feeling

As I arrive in another lockdown Friday, I am wondering how are people creating that Friday Feeling, restaurants are closed, pubs are closed all aspects of social life are closed. We are really missing that human connection and Friday can seem like any other day.... or is it?

As I drove to work this morning I wondered what if anything people are doing to make it feel like the weekend is here, to mark the FRIYAY feeling. I know that we are all in lockdown fatigue and while we appreciate the reasons behind it, the feeling is valid and important to acknowledge I think. I was listening to 2FM as I do every morning and the breakfast show were doing their usual celebration of little wins, some people were celebrating getting new jobs, some college placement interviews, some on new baby arrivals, all which are beautiful but one that really caught me by surprise i.e. brought me to tears this morning was a sister who was celebrating having her brother back from a coma, yes you heard me right a coma, which he came out of in December after a length of time and is now talking again and she could not wait to see him. I held my heart in the car and cried, I have little to complain about but what a wonderful celebration to come back from the edge to your family. NOW that is a Friday feeling.

So I just thought what can you do to celebrate a Friday and really ring in the weekend:

Get the girls together for a take away zoom chat..., order your favourite take away and

book in a time slot with with your friends and chat and eat your take away like you are

all together. Maybe a few glasses of Pop can be consumed.

Get out into nature and go for nice long walks

Wind down with a good book or a movie and really chill

I spotted this recently and I thought it was lovely a little mini spa (ok so you are

administering the spa yourself) but block out some time with friends and zoom and it's

like you are taking a mini break together just like old times. ( A little suggestion from

I think it is so important to remember what is important in these strange times and focus on what we do have rather than what we don't have because life is precious spend it who we can, however we can.

Enjoy your Friday (FRIYAY!!)


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