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Setting Goals and achieving them.

At the beginning of the month I had set myself a target of 21 days to make a habit, I am so delighted that I set my mindset that way this year as I feel that it has really allowed me to achieve my goals this year. So far anyway.

My new healthier eating plan has continued, I am baking my own bread each week and enjoying not having junk food in my diet. I am sleeping better and find that I am more focused and more creative.

I had also set myself a target to be on my mat for 21 days at least for myself by following a 21 reset by my good friend Tara O'Neill on her YouTube channel, I can highly recommend it. Now I am setting that time for me each day, it is great it gives me time to just take time out of each day. Before I used to say oh well I have been teaching today that is my yoga done but no actually it is taking the time to do the yoga for yourself, when you are teaching you are doing it for others. So it is a really positive change.

And I have a little extra addition to add to the Lila Fitness family, yes exercise to the elegant art of Ballet techniques with my newest qualification of Ballet Be Fit Instructor. I am so delighted to bring this to the Lila Fitness offering. I hope to see you channelling your inner ballerina soon.... no dance experience necessary.


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