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We all hear this every day, "Selfcare" but what does this actually mean or what do we translate it to mean. I find it interesting as I hear myself saying it more and more and especially in the current Covid times, be kinder to yourself, take time for yourself, remember self care.

It made me just stop for a minute and think about it, is it that we allow ourselves that extra bar of chocolate or extra packet of crisps and slowly they lead into two and three and soon we are out of control due to the words self care. I am also aware that I don't want to put the word control around food but is it that we are letting ourselves off by saying it is self care?

While I don't think it is right to make food good or bad as I believe in a moderate intake you can live a very healthy lifestyle along with moderate exercise, neither should over power the other. So maybe when we look at that #selfcare we can apply it as a lovely walk in nature, especially as the brighter evenings are drawing in or a beautiful bath with your favourite scented candle if that is your thing.

For me self care used to be a pedicure and I miss not been able to go to a professional to get such things done as with the most non essential services still looking like they will be closed for a while I will just have to make do with my own version of a mini-pedi!! Find some nice music, some nice scented bath salts and soak my feet, dry them off and then lather them in some nice moisturising cream and cover them in hot socks to keep them cozy. God love the professionals when they finally get my feet back for maintenance.

Just remember there is more to #selfcare than sitting down in front of the TV with your favourite bar of chocolate, while on an odd occasion that is perfectly good form of self care getting up and getting active can be even better for you just ten minutes in the garden planting something can be amazing for the soul as well as the body.


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