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Returning to Studio Life after Lockdown

Being out of the studio for almost eighteen month and teaching fitness classes on zoom has opened up a whole new world of teaching. We as instructors have been blessed that this platform has been open to us and grateful that our students came along for the ride. Some of us have felt the huge benefits of just rolling out of our beds and onto our mats and not having to drive to a studio to engage in our class or our yoga community it has just been at the touch of a button but for others home has been a difficult place to practice with children walking in and out of their sacred space or climbing on top of them as they practice.

The long awaited return to studio happened at last this week and while still socially distanced and ensuring that we are all safe and well in the environment as we return I think those looking forward to the doors being open again have bounded in with gusto.

I know there will be apprehension and wonder who is a safe person to be in a close proximity with, should I practice with my mask on or off. What are the right protocols? All of these questions go around in your head but you as an individual need to be comfortable as you come back into the studio and if it is not right for you right now, that is okay too. There should be no judgement. Right now I feel we should be kind not only to each other but to ourselves and be aware of what your feeling and then see how to work through it. Speak with your instructor, send a text message and explain your feelings and they will guide you. All feelings are valid, remember the instructor is most likely feeling it too, I know I was.

As as dipped my toes in slowly with a little bit of Aerial Yoga that owed when we got locked down it was a good way to ease my way back with a little bit of levity and fun. Looking forward to seeing my beginners in October and hopefully introducing a new class to the studio Ballet Be Fit, which became my true blessing of fitness and elegance during lockdown.

Stay light and free and look to the wellness within, whatever that maybe.


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