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Perfection - does it exist !!!

Everyone is constantly striving for perfection, but does it really exist and if aiming for this perfection all the time does this add pressure to the body and to the mind?

I believe once we start letting go of having everything perfect then things become much easier in your life. Perfectionism is a myth, however this does not mean that you do not have to strive for the best that you can be in life. When we are looking to be the perfect Mother, Daughter, Sister, Father, Son or Brother we can find that we trying to be all things to all men. This can really add stress to you not only mentally but to the body as you can be constantly chasing your tail, as the saying goes.

Being the best you is important but it should not add pressure or pain to the body and while striving to be the best version of yourself don't forget yourself in this process. This is where self-care is so important, take five minutes in the morning and/or evening just for you. Focus on your breath and just concentrate on the body and it's physical energy and what it needs. Then listen to what comes from those quiet five minutes that are totally yours.

Let go of perfectionism and find happiness.


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