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"No Change Means No Growth" - John C Maxwell

It is funny how words can inspire thought and this phrase certainly caught my attention when I saw it, "No Change Means No Growth". This is something I really agree with, we cannot stay stuck on the same hamster wheel and expect that we will find a new journey it just won't happen.

We need to be brave and take a new step find something that will help us grow. This can come in many forms and it all depends what you are looking for in life. For example if you are trying to have a healthier lifestyle but you are still sitting down in front of the TV every evening and eating crisps and chocolate then that is not exactly deemed to be healthy. Am I saying that you have to quit eating crisps and chocolate NO it is about balance and starting with change for growth. So take it one step at a time and choose maybe to leave the snacks to the weekend only and take a walk for twenty minutes maybe twice or three times a week. Those two small changes with bring about growth and soon you will add more exercise and feel more healthy, you may or may not remove the snacks but that is okay. Change and Growth.

This can be adapted to anything, maybe look at your working day and you feel you never get anything done as you are constantly working on e-mail then jumping on a project and then back on e-mails and agggh nothing on your actual to do list is complete. Start with small changes, take an hour in the morning and write what are the three most important things that need to be done today. Focus on the priority one it may take longer than the others but it is the most important that is your focus today. Then take a block of an hour to start on that, phones, social media and all other distractions are put away. Stop after the hour check your e-mail as something more pressing may have cropped up that needs your attention and then re-asses those top three things are they still in the right order if not change them. Block off your time again and see how much more productive you are when you are focusing on one thing at a time rather than trying to fit bits of something in. Bringing change to your working day can make it much more productive and sometime especially women we feel we should be multi-tasking all the time because that is what society says we are good at. Give your focus to where it is needed and you find things get done much quicker with more productivity. Change and Growth.

I would love to hear where you have applied this ethos to in your life it may be small simple changes but Change is Growth.


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