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My Go to Poses

Happy Friday everyone, the weeks just seem to be rolling one after the other especially in this lockdown world that we are currently living in. Each day I am so grateful for my mat and yoga, this gives me my head space as well as allowing me get into my body.

Side Lunge / Scandasana

This pose gets deep into the hips while stretching out the hamstring and groin of the opposite legs, it is lovely to add twist into this pose and balances adding further elements to the pose. I will add it to a lot of my flows and for me who has difficulty with my hips I am amazed at the development it has given me over the years of practice.

Cat Cow

An oldie but a goodie and while my spine cannot move as deep as others due to old injury I still find the benefits of this pose. This simple movement opens up space between each vertebrae, freeing the body from tightness. When my old injury comes back to haunt me I like to just stick with the basics.


As mentioned above my hips don't like to work they are tight as are my hamstrings and while pigeon is not my favourite pose in the world it is certainly one that I need. They say the ones you least like are the ones you should do most. Pigeon gets into my hips yes but while here I work into my glutes, my groin, my hamstrings if I can settle into the pose, which some days I find impossible, I can find it meditative.

These three simple go to poses make it into my weekly routine at least once. I would love to know your go to poses, which do you find are the ones you struggle with but are the ones you need more off.


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