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How can you detox the body every day??

We are always looking for ways to detox the body and make it healthier, look no further than the asana of yoga twists.

When you work with twists in the body you stimulate the digestive system also know as our "second brain" and aid digestion. The digestive system likes to be kept happy and constipation can restrict this happiness, leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated. To ease this constipation yoga twisting can greatly relieve any short term feeling. ( Consult with your doctor if constipation persists)

When we twist we work with the blood supply to the digestive organs cutting off supply and then re-introducing it, almost like giving the body that gentle wring out. The fresh flow of blood can cleanse the cells and help to clear away built up waste because of the increased circulation we get that daily detox if we twist daily in our yoga practice.

This simple act can be so beneficial for the body and easy to add into a daily practice. We love to twist in all of our flows and especially in restorative / yin work, check out the range of classes available and if you need some guidance we are always here to help between studio and online there are plenty to choose from.


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