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End of Year Reflection

I love this down time from Christmas to New Year. I get out and walk in nature and feel fresh air on my lungs. I always find that it has been so manic coming up to Christmas that the little down time that we get between it and New Year is the perfect time to reflect.

Reflect on what you may ask? or Why look back we are not going there?

While we certainly cannot change the past it is a good time to reflect and see what really worked for you in the past year and what didn't and aim to set the New Year up ready for what you want it to be. How many of us set goals in the new year only to have broken them by mid January? I know this has been me in the past but each year as it draws to a close I like to look back on the year that has been and see what I did well and what needs a little work as I enter into a new year.

I am so thrilled to be able to share that I have co-written a book and it is now published yes little old me is a co-author in a book, which was a huge goal set at the beginning of this year and here it is in print. You can buy the book here and my fellow authors are amazing women.

I can look back at my yoga achievements and also adding on an extra wellness business to my portfolio, which I am delighted to share are wholefood products, vegan friendly and bridge the gap in nutrition. To me a no brainer to add to my business portfolio and help so many people with their health. You can browse the products here

Now as I begin to look forward I just want to see what I will set about achieving for 2023, what are my dreams for the year ahead, what small wins and large goals to I want to set down? It is nice just to take this time and set out some goals and create a roadmap for the New Year. Without a map we never know where we are going and it is always nice to be in charge of our own destiny.

I would love to hear what goals big or small you are setting out for yourself for 2023?


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