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Childhood memories: a timeless treasure

As we have taken some time over the past few months to reflect during the current climate of Covid-19, maybe we have looked back at our own childhood in order to entertain our children who have been locked into this topsey turvey world which we are now becoming all too familiar with.

As children our life was a little easier maybe in many ways with no outside world influences that today's children have to face, yet the kids today have the world at their fingertips through facetime and zoom they can stay in face to face contact with their grandparents and family. We may envy them slightly but only slightly. I look back to our own childhood and maybe with rose tinted glasses the Summers always seemed to be better the weather always sunny but maybe it was just us out in all weathers.

I look back at the adventures we used to have, the imagination that we put to play as we strolled across fields imagining that we were escaping to foreign lands, back then you were lucky if you saw a plane let alone went on one. God I sound old. Then we would be back in one or the others gardens playing games of rounders (Irish baseball equivalent), lots of fresh air and even outdoor camping all be it in the back garden.

There was no IPad, computer or mobile phone but we got by with our imagination. I wonder do the children of today work into their imagination in the same way so that they can make timeless memories that they can treasure into their future.

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