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Can your Mindset effect your Fitness Goals?

We all set out with the best of intentions to say we are going to achieve x by a certain date but do you ever wonder why you may be failing at your fitness goals? is it your mindset?

The words we say to ourselves are not always the kindest, we would never use some of these words if we were speaking to our best friend. Listen carefully to the words you speak to yourself and remember to be kind with those words. If you really tune in to what you say internally you may be surprised and exactly how unkind you actually are to yourself.

These thoughts can become a reality as the brain creates neural pathways according to repeated thoughts and the brain then cements them as true. The subconscious mind listens intently to what it is been constantly told, so if your thoughts are "I can't lose weight" or " I can't do yoga I am not flexible enough" the body starts to believe it.

The good news is we can always teach our neural pathways to accept positive thought processes and strengthen them to believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

"I can do Yoga and I will gain a flexible body"

"I can get up early to exercise each day"

"I can find an hour for me every day in order to allow me to have a balanced healthy life"

"I can lose weight"

Try this for a month and see what changes this will bring to your life. I would love to hear how if any changes happened and how you feel after challenging yourself.


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