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5 Tips on how to survive a lockdown

As Ireland enters back into another level 5 restrictions (aka another lockdown) we are all wondering how best to survive this especially as we entering into Winter. Here are my tips....

1. Keep lines of communication open. Set up calls with friends if you are not someone who likes speaking on the phone then get connected via zoom, it can be a little strange at first but it certainly helps to feel the connection to someone. Maybe even do a group call grab your cuppa and biscuits and sit down together like you would normally if you were meeting for a coffee. I cannot stress it enough stay connected.

2. Get out in the fresh air, go for a walk, a run, or simply get out into the garden. Fill your lungs with fresh air, not only are you getting exercise but fresh air will assist you sleep and will reduce anxiety. If it is raining, which it does often in Ireland, just wrap up get a good coat on and pop the earphones in and get moving.

3. Reduce your intake of the news, while it is important to get some of the facts and keep yourself informed, don't become consumed with the news.

4. Find a podcast you love, listen to them, or audio books, better yet real books. This is a great way to pass the Winter evenings.

5. Find an online exercise community, there are so many from gym to yoga that you can enjoy and this will give you a sense of community. These are great if you were used to going to the gym or attending a yoga class you can still be involved and see regulars online and become a part of that community. We at Lila Fitness have yoga sessions running online and it is a great way to see people regularly and keep a regular exercise routine. Check out our Instagram page if you would like to join any of our online yoga sessions.

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