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5 Steps to Digital Detox

Is the mobile phone beginning to take over your life? Do you find that you are scrolling while watching TV, in bed or even at a fitness class? What has made us be so attached to this little rectangular item with images.

How many people do you know that don't have a mobile phone? can you count them on one hand?

Detoxing from your phone can be powerful but it is not something that is going to happen overnight. It will bring you more wellbeing, take it in small steps to detox and you may find that you are not as attached to it as you once thought.

Detox Day

Try a detox day, I actually like to do this on a Sunday, yes I know it is a little cheat but it is a day where you know you won't miss too much and you can detox with ease. I tend to visit my parents on a Sunday so I like to just leave it behind that way I am not tempted at all.

Set a Timer

This is more about setting a limit to the amount of times that you get swept down the rabbit hole of apps like Instagram, Facebook etc. where you are just mindlessly scrolling through your feed, for no real purpose. If you set a timer this can be avoided and you will so surprised how quickly that time goes and you realise how much time you are wasting on your apps, not getting anything in particular done.

One Screen at a Time

Just watch one screen at a time, so if you have taken some time to watch your favourite show then watch it do not spend the time scrolling your social media accounts to see who is also commenting about the show that you are actually meant to be watching. Just be present and watch the show, so one screen at a time.

Remove Smart Watches

Even if it is not full time, remove them when you are exercising as you can focus on that and not worry about being interrupted by a call, text message or e-mail.

Have a No Screen Zone

I would highly recommend this being your bed, screen time before bed just does not help with sleep. Sleep is what helps to recover the body from the day and prepare for the day ahead.

These are just some of my simple tips for a phone detox, would love to hear if you have any great ideas. Share in the comments below and we can all learn from them.


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