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5 Benefits of Restorative Practice

As with every yoga practice we aim to connect the body, mind and breath together. Restorative is the perfect way to zone into this practice.

- Calm's the mind

As we soften into the practice of restorative we tune into our thoughts allowing them to release and quieten. Be patient this does not happen immediately especially if you have a busy mind.

- Relaxes the body

In restorative as we hold the poses for longer we allow the body to soften, we notice where the tension is held and this practice gives us the opportunity to let go (often the hardest asana)

- Increases flexibility

This practice of restorative is not about lengthen or stretching for an end goal in sight, it is more about come into the pose and pausing, feeling each part or the posture. Notice what we can let go and release into further, through these moments of holding and releasing our flexibility increases and a regular restorative practice will reveal deeper levels of flexibility.

- Boosts the immune system

Through a regular practice you a boosting the immune system against colds

- Balance the nervous system

Working into a restorative practice you are engaging the nervous system and energizing the flow to the bodies organs and reducing the "flight or fight" response within the body.

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