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3 Steps for an easier Working Week

We can get caught up trying to be all things to everyone, however this is not helpful when you are aiming to have an fluid working week. Here are my simple steps to making your working week a little easier.

Write a List:

Each evening just take a moment to write down a list of things you have to do for the next day, aim to put them in order of priority. This leaves your mind free for a good nights rest, which in turn gives you the energy to do your list of jobs and get through them. Putting that priority on them means that you will do the most important things first and if and when you need to carry anything over to the following day you will be happy that the most important things are completed.

Allot time:

When you write the list just slot a realistic timeline against each task so that you don't get distracted with social media scrolling or the like. This also gives you the time in which you need to make a decision on time management and what if more is required or if you need to re-focus your time else where.

Remember time for yourself and family:

This is the Self-Care part of the day, you need to schedule this into your daily routine, we all too often hear that "I don't have time to exercise" or "I never have time to visit my parents during the week" this is all a part of your planning process and when we start managing our time we begin to see that our exercise can be a walk with the kids or a yoga class with your Mum, or maybe just fitting in that chillout time and sit in the sun and appreciate the world around us. Put the phone down for an hour, away from you on silent and see what you can achieve. Maybe you take the evenings to be all about the housework and garden maintenance and allow the weekends to be fun-filled and light. Remember you are in control.

Don't let your working life take over and find time for yourself to have an easier working week.

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