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21 Days to Make a Habit

We have all heard of the 21 days to break a habit well this year rather than making any resolutions, I put intentions out to the universe.

I had been suffering in the run up to Christmas with continuous stomach issues and each weekend I vowed to look at my diet and see if I could change it in any way, which of course never happened and I continued to eat all around me. It seemed no matter what I was eating I was experiencing pain, bloating and swelling around my stomach. My family of course were saying to go to the Doctor that this was not normal but I knew I would only be diagnosed with things like IBS (which to me is a non diagnosis it is just telling you what you already know, not giving a reason) and in these current times of Covid-19 the last place I really want to be near is a doctor, no offence to any.

About 20 years ago I had was what known as a bacteria of the gut - Helicobacter pylori, which were very similar symptoms and I have been tested for it since as it can re-occur but the last time I was tested for it, it showed negative so I really was not interested in going down that road again just to get the same results. Anyway all this is leading to a place of 20 years ago I cut out a lot of food from my diet that contained wheat, gluten etc. and then re-introduced them gradually over time. I have decided that I am going to work towards that regime, which to be honest is much easier this time than it was 20 years ago. There is such an wide arrange of foods available, in fact a whole isle or more in most supermarkets, where 20 years ago you were lucky if you found one shelf.

So in the last week, I have meal planned, this I think is imperative as then you know what to buy and what you think you are going to eat. I am excited about food, really enjoying making my own bread, which if I do say so myself is reasonably tasty. It is full of seeds and goji berries and keeps me fuller for longer. I have been most amazed by my control over my sugar cravings, anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge sweet eater. I have decided in order to thrive in this I am attempting to cut processed sugars and carbonated drinks from my diet.

I also started this year saying I wanted to be doing some yoga every day, this is something I always found hard, I thought I always had to complete a flow or stay with a full meditation session for over an hour. I wanted this practice to be mine and not around anything I teach. Before I used to say to myself "I taught a class today that is my yoga done for the day", no, it is time to focus on me and with the help of my own teacher I have been on my mat every day since the beginning of the year as she has so kindly put out 21 days of mini yoga sessions on her YouTube channel. Tara Vitality ONeill Yoga - YouTube . These mini yoga sessions have had me on my mat everyday and I am so grateful.

So try not to think of breaking habits, lets change our mindset and make habits. 21 days to create a habit, I think this will ensure that we will stick with them. I certainly hope I do. Week one done, keep the faith.



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