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Strengthen Body & Mind

I teach beginners yoga in the beautiful Yoga Room in Ratoath, Co. Meath. This studio is a beautiful space to teach in, the light in this room is so welcoming as it is an upstairs studio it manages to capture the light both morning and evening so it wonderful during the Summer and cozy during the Winter. 

I teach my beginners yoga in hatha flow style at a nice gentle pace and work in adaptions for everyone. 

Everyone has permission to go at their own pace so everyone feels like they are getting the most from the class and leave the class feeling like they have achieved. 

There are lovely walkways around the village of Ratoath so people may like to go for a walk before or after class and catch up with a friend or two. 

We like to feel like we are a little yoga community in the Yoga Room as so many different classes happen here and so many different instructors so it is a lovely little Hub in the middle of Ratoath Village. 



Strengthen Body & Mind

Do you find that you have the best of intentions to make a yoga class but still struggle to get to a studio setting? 

Do you find that yoga studio schedules don't fit with your timetable? 

Do you find that you are intimidated to walk into a studio environment but really want to practice yoga? 

Do you just want to practice yoga in whatever clothing you feel comfortable in even if that is your PJ's? 

Then you are certainly on the same page as me. I just love sharing the gift of yoga, restoring and regenerating the body to it's best self. We all have this super power within us we just need to reach deep sometimes and find it. Having come to yoga from injury myself I believe in looking after the body as it is the only one we have, with yoga we can restore and rebuild. We can give ourselves the gift of more energy in the body, more space and all round more wellness. 

There are a variety of online yoga classes, from a hatha flow, yin yoga, restorative and yoga nidra. 

Based in Co. Meath, Ireland but with our online platform we reach far and wide and don't even have to remain in the same country so you can join us from anywhere in the world but our times are based on BST. So our Early Yoga Flow could be your afternoon /evening Flow if you are based in Australia or evening /night-time Flow if you are in the USA. Everyone is welcome. 

Starting the week off with an 20 minute Salutation Session on a Monday Morning and then a Meditation Session later that day. The final class on a Monday is more restorative or yin based or depending on the week maybe a yoga nidra, a much slower paced class and really one that prepares for bed. 

We have two lovely Early Morning Yoga Flows on a Tuesday and Thursday all online. Our Early Morning Flows are more Hatha based vinyasa.

Find the class that suits you best, no need to worry about parking, commute or fancy clothing just roll out your mat press play and sink into your yoga practice. Don't worry if you cannot make them live we do have a recording that you can watch back on. PERFECT 

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