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Lengthening of Spine and Strengthening of Body

Aerial Yoga is the first discipline that I qualified in and I love teaching it, this is an in studio only class and is in the Yoga Room in Ratoath, Co. Meath. Places are limited.

Aerial Yoga is a wonderful support for the spine and allows the body to ease into inversions with ease, which in turn allow the spine to lengthen as each vertebrae decompress. 

There are various classes from Aerial Yoga, to Suspension Fitness and Restorative Yoga. All assist with building and restoring the body in different ways.

Can anyone do this? How hard it is?

A: Provided one does not have any of the contraindication, sometimes the mind is more of a hinderance on ability than physical limitations. The difficulty really depends on the class, 

you need to monitor your own resistance so each class is as hard or as easy as you choose to work. 

Restorative Aerial Yoga is more gently therapeutic and therefore more accessible to all. Suspension Fitness has the most flips and tricks in its program and requires more strength.

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