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Travel and Yoga

Travelling has begin to take shape again in the sense that after Covid-19 we have started to gain confidence, the US have opened us to again here in Ireland so we are back on planes to see loved ones and family.

How can you support yourself while travelling especially on a long haul flight here are some of my top tips for introducing a bit of yoga into a confined space and providing your body with a well deserved stretch.

Seated Cat / Cow

This is a wonderful way to stretch out the spine even in your confined space. Extend and lengthen the spine on the inhale and concave and arch the spine on the exhale. A few rounds of this and the spine begins to feel invigorated and free again.


These can also be achieved in a seated posture just use the arms of your flight chair as levers like you would use your legs. This will stimulate the digestive system as well as de-kinking the body

Forward fold

You can do this seated but also while you wait in line for the bathroom facilities, just make sure that you are not bending over into someone's face, might come across as rude in these tight quarters. Ha Ha!!

These are just my simple steps to take when travelling to allow the spine some freedom.

I would love to hear from you about any of your tips, share in the comments below.


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